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Geraldine is a highly experienced Accredited Coach and Accredited Coach Supervisor and is also a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner.

In addition, she is a qualified Social Worker and Senior Manager in a non-profit organisation giving her a breadth of knowledge of the complexities of organisational leadership and management.


Geraldine is widely experienced in Executive Coaching, Coaching Supervision and Health & Life Coaching, supporting people within various health, business and corporate settings across Belfast, Northern Ireland, Ireland and broader. Her unique coaching and supervision style, weaving NLP with coaching skills and techniques, means her clients benefit from creating meaning, insight and emotional clarity, resulting in highly effective outcomes.


Holistic and person-centred in her approach, Geraldine is both empathic and understanding. As a Coach and Coach Supervisor, she will support and challenge you to be focused and accountable in achieving your goals. Her supportive approach fosters trust and openness so you can be truly honest regarding your strengths and perceived weaknesses/blind spots, which can enhance your personal/professional development.


Who We Are?

Coach & Supervisor: Geraldine Kerr

Geraldine Kerr Dip in Business, Executive & Personal Coaching; Dip in Advanced Reflexive Supervision;
Ad Dip in Management; NLP Practitioner;
MSc in Advanced Social Work; BA (Hons) in Social Work; AWSW; CQSW.

I am an Accredited Coach and Accredited Coach Supervisor and I have extensive experience of Executive Coaching, Mentoring and Life coaching, both with individuals and groups, including Health & Wellbeing Coaching. This has included working with people affected by cancer, other chronic illnesses, mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression, and other life impacts and transitions such as separation, divorce and redundancy to name a few. I am passionate about coaching and how it enables people to create insights, make shifts and take control in their thinking and behaviours and create solutions for a better or more fulfilled life.


My passion for coaching has led me to want to support the development of other coaches in all settings through providing Coaching Supervision. My philosophy of supervision is enabling an open working alliance that generates trust and supports reflective thinking, challenge and the development of skills. Seeing and enabling the growth of coach’s skills and personal development through the guided supervisory relationship is both extremely rewarding and necessary in ensuring ethical standards and competence in their coaching practice.


We offer Coaching & Supervision services

Geraldine, at iKerr Coaching & Supervision offers Executive & Life Coaching and Coaching Supervision services to individuals and businesses across Belfast, Northern Ireland, Ireland and broader.


These Coaching & Supervision services provide an opportunity for you to develop strategies in dealing with life, health and work or loss of self-direction, in a safe, reflective space (face to face, or online/video conferencing), enabling you to focus and balance your life or work situation to achieve success and fulfilment.

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