Health Professionals

Coaching & Supervision

Are you a health professional being emotionally impacted in your work?

Having worked as a Social Worker in hospitals and health care settings and as a Coach within the Belfast Mental Health Hub, I understand the emotional and psychological impact it can have on you in coping with trauma every day.

Coaching and reflection through supervision can help you develop insight into:

  • Managing Stress

  • Safe confidential reflective place for people to be truly honest regarding both strengths and perceived weaknesses/blind spots

  • Discuss within agreed confidentially any client or personal issues and concerns & personal development needs

  • Achieves better working relationships and outcomes

  • Reduce likelihood or manage burn out, compassion fatigue & vicarious trauma

  • Ensure and learn strategies for self-care

Accredited Coach

I offer individual and group coaching and reflective supervision in helping you to off load this stress and trauma so that you can separate it out from personal and family life and it does not lead to burn out and rejuvenates energy to support others whilst ensuring your own self-care.

In light of Covid-19 services can be adapted to be provided by telephone consultation or via Skype or Zoom.