Life Coaching

Fulfilment in Work & Life

Are you trying to cope with a life or work impact or crisis?

  • You may have physical, emotional or mental health challenges or caring for someone who does?

  • Maybe there is an ongoing career decision or work situation that is taking its toll?

  • Perhaps your marriage or relationship is in difficulty, has broken down or you might have suffered a bereavement?

  • Are you at a stage of life transition and feeling loss of identity and life direction?

Accredited Coach

Life coaching can help with:

  • The adjustment to major life impacts, the emotional shift that allows a person to move forward, increasing confidence, self-esteem and belief in yourself.

  • Using the coaching relationship and tools to readjust, refocus and re-engage in addressing issues/blocks enabling change

  • Gaining mental clarity, setting priorities and taking action, empowering you to develop a positive vision for the future.

Through life coaching we can work together to move you towards a greater sense of control and change your focus back to living a more fulfilled life that enhances your sense of self and achievement of your goals. Coaching enables you to:

  • Feel less isolated

  • Review your existing support structures and create new ones

  • Devise strategies to increase your confidence, self-esteem & belief in yourself

  • Release worries, beliefs & self-sabotaging talk that hinder you

  • Set clear boundaries that feel good for you

  • Gain mental clarity, set priorities & take action

  • Reaffirm your personal qualities & strengths

  • Optimise positive outcomes for you & your family

In light of Covid-19 services can be adapted to be provided by telephone consultation or via Skype or Zoom.


Check what our clients
say about what we do

I cannot recommend Geraldine enough. I had reached a point in my life where I was feeling very lost. I had drifted into a continuous cycle of unhappiness and had no life balance anymore. I needed guidance and direction, I found this in Geraldine my life coach. Geraldine’s friendly, warm and approachable nature made be feel very secure and safe as I entered into an unknown and vulnerable scenario. Geraldine give me the tools to block negative energy, reaffirm my values and beliefs, ultimately giving me the strength to find my inter motivation and confidence that I’d lost. From this I was able to overcome obstacles and grow through each session. I wanted so much more from life and Geraldine was able to guide me onto the right track In order to fulfil my ultimate life goals and achievements. I can happily say I have now secured my dream job and couldn’t be happier. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help and continued support. I’m eternally grateful.

Maria T

Life coaching is a completely different experience from counselling and therapy. It is something I had never tried before and I am so grateful for this experience as it helped me put things in perspective and deal with my thoughts and feelings, during a cancer diagnosis, one at a time. I was not dealing with a second cancer diagnosis well mentally until I was able to attend these coaching sessions and benefit from them. The variouscoaching methods really helped me during my cancer rehabilitation. My second experience with cancer was probably more mentally challenging and I believe this coaching was essential to helping me get on top of things. Geraldine was very professional and empathetic during my coaching sessions. She was extremely good at implementing all the available coaching techniques as well as connecting on a personal level with the person she is coaching, in order to help them deal with the various difficulties that they may faceNeedless to say, I could not have asked for a better Life Coach than Geraldine.


Geraldine has helped me turn around and transform my life through life coaching. Geraldine recognised how I was limiting myself and only doing the bare minimum and challenged me to do more. She motivated me and encouraged me to grow, learn more, boasted my confidence to become a better vision through using tools such as wheel of life, personal values and listening intently. She has enabled me to improve my self-awareness, define what is important to me and what I really wanted out of life. She encouraged me to complete additional training and once I completed it I was ready to embark on my new career and begin a new chapter in my life. I am eternally grateful for the work Geraldine and I did together. Thank you, Geraldine.

Maria McC